In consideration of the logistics involved in the transportation of substantial and oversized merchandise, we are dedicated to securing the most favorable shipping rates and providing precise quotations for residential deliveries encompassing key hubs throughout Canada.

In instances where your residence is situated within remote or rural sectors of Canada, subsequent to placing an order, the possibility exists that supplementary shipping charges may arise. You will be contacted in such cases, giving you the choice to remit the additional costs. Conversely, if you choose not to proceed with the extra shipping expenditure, a prompt reimbursement of your order stands as a viable alternative.

For inquiries concerning shipping particulars to your designated locale, we invite you to communicate with us via email at


Residential or Commercial? Opting for residential delivery typically entails higher costs.

Do you require tailgate delivery, or do you possess a forklift, loading dock or business address? In the case of residential delivery, is there someone available between 9 AM and 5 PM on business days to accept the delivery, or would an appointment-based delivery suit your needs? Is there access to a truck for unloading the delivery, or would picking up the shipment from the nearest freight terminal be preferable? (Hold for Pick Up) This alternative frequently leads to savings ranging from $100 to $120 compared to the standard residential delivery fee.

We kindly present the following suggestions to potentially mitigate your shipping expenses:

  • Opting for a Pickup at the nearest freight terminal (Determined using the Irwin Fitness terminal locator)
  • Receiving the product at a business location, preferably equipped with a forklift or loading dock
    • A business address does not require the use of a specialized truck
  • Facilitating the offloading of the product into a truck if you have the necessary resources

Upon selecting the terminal pickup choice during the checkout process, if you find no nearby terminals listed, please don't hesitate to contact us via email to explore alternative solutions. There's a possibility of a closer location being available through a different carrier.

Our objective is to provide support and assist you in achieving savings!


We are pleased to announce that we have now extended our shipping services across the United States. We have established a process to offer customized shipment quotes for each delivery heading to southern regions. These shipments will be conveniently available for pickup at designated terminal locations situated in major cities, allowing our customers to access their orders with ease. You can explore the terminal locations here.

Rest assured, we have eliminated the need for Cash on Delivery (COD) payments upon receipt of your shipment. Our end-to-end service ensures a seamless experience, handling all necessary aspects efficiently. The amount you pay during the transaction will serve as the final price (excluding state taxes). Please note that any applicable state taxes will be collected by the IRS, as we do not impose tax charges.


The standardized shipping charge is set at $650CAD/$500USD for LTL shipments to the U.S. We diligently search for the most economical carrier options, selecting the one with the most favorable rate. This comprehensive flat rate encompasses the entire shipment expenditure, covering all broker fees and bond fees associated with the import process. It's important to note that this flat rate exclusively pertains to terminal locations. Consequently, customers are expected to arrange for transportation to the nearest terminal location. To identify the nearest terminal, please refer to the link provided here prior to placing your order.

Upon reaching the terminal, you have the option to unpack the order, load it into your truck or SUV, and subsequently leave the pallet at the terminal (in instances where you're uncertain about disposing of oversized pallets at home). Ordinarily, orders will be available for pickup quicker than they would be ready for delivery.

Should the entirety of your order exceed the capacity of a single pallet, we will promptly contact you to collaborate on an effective solution. It's typically feasible to accommodate an entire rack and bench on one pallet. Maximizing the items on a pallet translates to greater savings.

Should you wish to arrange for home delivery, kindly initiate a conversation with us before placing your order. Please be advised that a surcharge will be applied to the flat rate for this option.


Irwin Fitness Supply is pleased to offer Customs Brokerage services through our collaboration with Noatum Logistics. Should you prefer to engage your own U.S.-based import Customs Broker, we are more than willing to provide you and your Broker with the necessary documentation and paperwork well in advance of the shipment.

For freight (LTL) shipments entering the U.S. from Canada, the provision of your IRS/SSN number to Noatum Logistics is mandatory for successful shipment clearance. It's imperative to note that parcels shipped via UPS do not necessitate such information.

Kindly bear in mind that cross-border shipments will incur state taxes. It's important to understand that Irwin Fitness assumes no responsibility for the associated costs and surcharges imposed by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency in the United States.


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At Irwin, we take pride in our made-to-order approach, which allows for extensive customization on every product. On average, you can expect your order to ship within 6 - 7 weeks from the date of purchase. Rest assured, we'll promptly provide tracking information once your order is in our shop and being prepared for shipment.

Can I provide my own shipping labels?

Yes, select “Warehouse Pickup” at checkout with a note instructing the use of personal labels.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, we regularly ship LTL and parcel to the United States from Canada. For large orders bound for the states, we'll provide a customized quote to ensure you receive the best shipping options.

How will my order arrive?

For larger orders, we utilize LTL shipping, ensuring they arrive securely bundled and packaged on specially designed oversized pallets. We kindly request that you thoroughly inspect your package for any potential damage before accepting your order.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

While it's something we hope never occurs, unforeseen incidents can happen. When you receive your order, please take a moment to inspect the pallet or box for any signs of damage. If you do happen to find any damage, it's crucial to document it and notify us within 48 hours. If possible, we recommend recording the damage when accepting the package or pallet from the delivery driver. Rest assured, we invest in insurance for every shipment, and we'll promptly replace any damaged items once we complete the necessary warranty claims with the shippers.

Will LTL shipments be delivered to my door?

We provide liftgate service for every shipment at our expense. It's important to note that while we cover this service, shipping companies may not be obligated to position the skid in your driveway or at your door.

If I order a rack will everything else ship free?

Yes, with your rack purchase, all other items, including a maximum of one bench, will ship free to both Canada and the U.S.

Are duties and border taxes included in product price?

No, the responsibility for paying any remaining duties or border taxes lies with the customer. However, we do include coverage for all import fees, including broker and bond fees, in the shipping cost. What you see at checkout is the final amount you pay with us.