Our History


Passion Ignites a Vision

August 2020, Irwin Fitness was born. Started in a little garage located in Carman, Manitoba. Picture this – a welder, crazy about fitness, decided it was time to amp up Canadian manufacturing. Garth Irwin, the brain behind it all, brought his fabrication skills into play. What came out of it? The very first Irwin Fitness at-home squat and bench rack.

LATE 2020

Precision Craftsmanship and Humble Beginnings

Meeting Unprecedented Demand: Irwin Fitness faced a surge in orders due to gym closures during COVID. Despite equipment constraints, we adapted on the go, demonstrating resilience to efficiently fulfill a high volume of orders.


Transformative Integration of Technology

Irwin Fitness stepped up its game, diving into laser-cutting tech for a major upgrade. Teamwork with local businesses brought in precisely cut components, giving us cool features like numbered uprights and custom-height racks with unmatched efficiency. Plus, we made a big move, trading our cozy spot for a spacious 1300 sq ft shop. It's a game-changer, highlighting our commitment to innovation and premium quality. 🚀

LATE 2021

A Notable Year: Collaborations and Overhauls

In 2021, Irwin Fitness hit a milestone, transforming Industrial Athletics in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Collaborating with the Popowich family, we not only brought their vision to life but also set the standard for crafting premium equipment made in Canada. This project highlighted our dedication to craftsmanship and quality, solidifying Irwin Fitness as a trusted name synonymous with excellence in the fitness industry.


Game-Changing Innovations

In 2022, Irwin Fitness reached another milestone with the introduction of our Pro Series and Roller J-Cups, marking a significant leap in our product lineup. These additions, our most substantial and commercially graded equipment, not only enhanced our offerings but also firmly placed us on the map as a leading force in the fitness industry.

LATE 2022

Blue and Gold

Building on its success, Irwin Fitness secured a pivotal contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, gaining notable recognition and establishing itself as a trusted partner in the industry. This landmark achievement propelled Irwin Fitness into the spotlight, reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-tier fitness solutions.


A Grateful Journey, a Bright Future

November 2023 Update: A heartfelt thank you to our incredible community! Your unwavering support has been the driving force behind our journey. As a small family business dreaming big, we can't express enough gratitude for the pivotal role you've played. In the spirit of growth, we're thrilled to share that we're constructing a new 7000 sq ft manufacturing facility. This isn't just about expanded capacities – it's a tribute to our community. The new space will not only accommodate more but will also feature a showroom/gym and innovative products. This marks a significant leap toward a future where Irwin Fitness and our community continue to flourish together, embodying a shared commitment to excellence and an exciting path ahead.